Antiquorum Sale COMEX and Daytonas. July 2018

July 17, 2018 Geneva Antiquorum Sale,

Including several interesting COMEX and Daytonas.

All photos from

Lot 28

Rolex 1665 Patent Pending Double Red SeaDweller. Mark 1 dial.

Sale approx $91,206.00 USD

1 Million Dollar Rolex Submariner!

Congrats to Christies and the buyer for the sale of this fine and rare 6538 Rolex Submariner with 369 explorer dial on June 13, 2018 in New York.

Photo and description from

Price $1,068,500.00 including buyers premium.

Tom Selleck and his Rolex 1675 GMT Master Pepsi

As a fan of Tom Selleck and the Magnum PI series, this article was a great read.  I am glad to hear that he still enjoys his GMT master!

117 001

$5.9 Million Dollar Daytona! New Auction new record

Congrats to Phillips Auction and the new buyers. 

Here are some interesting results. All photos credits to Phillips Auction.

lot 117

5513 Mil sub, full spec.

Sold for 175k CHF

lot 124

Omega 2915-1

Sold 408k chf

Lot 179


Original owner Red Sub

Not often seen in the while but this one still in the posesion of the original owner.. 

Thank you for sharing Phil!

with all box and papers… spectacular !!



Issued 3

Issued 3 was in the UK in Apri 2018. One of the best gathering of collectors in the world. 

What an amazing Daytona collection.


COMEX …about 35 of them...



Mil Sub..about 22 of them...

Great Christmas Reading - 1665 Great White..

Great Christmas Reading about the 1665 Great White by Michael Stockton at Fratello Watches.

Here is the link to the original article.

$17.7 Million for Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona

Congrats to the Phillips Auction on October 26, 2017 in New York City. 

The auction was centered around Paul Newman iconic 6239 Rolex Daytona with the caseback inscription “Drive Carefully Me” It was originally given to Paul Newman by his wife Joanne Woodward. …

PPDRS at auction

Lot 233 at Phillips auction. 

Interesting article. I dont agree with all the authors conclusions but I its well put together

New auction results and new record prices

Congrats to Phillips Auction and to the new buyer. 

Lot 93

6062 with black diamond markers

CHF 5,066,000

USD 5,061,900 approx

A new world record for any Rolex watch.

All photos courtesy of

Lot 92

6241 Daytona with Tiffany dial. 

lot30 874

Auction Results: Phillips Geneva. Nov 2016.

Congrats to the new watch owners. Prices and photos from

Lot 30. 

6263 Screw down daytona with Tiffany and Co Dial. 

$885,000.00 USD

Lot 38

Patek 1518  Stainless  Steel Perpetual Chrono.

Word Record is now is now and you can also find us at or All the original links are still active..

Easier to type and remember.. 

Thank you all that have helped build this site throught the years..

New Vintage Rolex Record Prices 2.3 Million Dollars

Congratulations to the new watch owner and the auction house Phillips achieving record prices of $1,985,000.00 for lot 31 of a Rolex Daytona 6263 Black Paul Newman Tropical Dial.

All Photos from Phillips


A New DRSD Dial??

Is this a new DRSD dial configuration?

i dont think so but a good friend thinks so.. what you think? let me know your comments below.

EDD 1933
EDD 1934

How The 'Radium Girls' Used Their Deadly Tragedy To Change The World

Interesting reading…check it out here 

New World Record 7.3 Million CHF at Phillips Auction

Congratulations to Phillips Auction and to benefit Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 

Some of the results included and are included here

The first and only stainless steel reference 5016A-010. The highest price ever paid for a wristwatch at auction. …

5512 Submariner Article by Beaumont Miller II

Here is an excellent review written by Beautmont Miller II about 5512 Submariners


Just a close up 

Sea-Dweller and Omega 600

For those of us that are interested in more than vintage Rolex, I just read a nice article about Sea-Dweller and the Omega 600  here at Timepiece Chronicle


Marcello Pisani 1956-2015

I am deeply saddened to hear that my friend and one of the most helpful and smartest guy in vintage Rolex passed away.  

I know he never gave me permission to use his name in association to the rare COMEX dials on the 1665 with 600 meter markings as opposed to the later 610m markings. …

Thanks to Eric Ku, for the nice featured article.

It its a great honor to be featured by Eric Ku, owner or and one of the top vintage watch dealers in the world, on the section The Horological Minute.

Check it out at his website.

Phillips Watches Auction Results Geneva

Another record breaking auction in Geneva. This time by the new Phillips Auction house. They have hit it out of the park. First Day was Day-Date and new records were created. But on Sunday, the rest of the lot came in with a new world record. 

Patek Philippe Supercomplicated Henry Graves sells $24,000,000.00 and more auction results.

Sotherby’s November 11, 2014 auction was highlighted by the sale of Patek Philippe Supercomplicated originally built for Henry Graves Jr. in 1933. The patek sold for a world record price of 24 million dollars USD including buyers premium. 


PHILIPPE COUSTEAU’S PPDRSD sold for $183,750.00

Congratulations to the owner of the PPDRSD which was previously owned by Philippe Cousteau. Sold by Antiquorum on September 30, 2014 in New York. The final sale price of $183,750.00 USD is expected due to its history.

New Rolex Model Deepsea

Based on the current Deep Sea Sea Dweller. The new dial features a two color dial going from blue at the top to black with green “DEEPSEA” lettering to celebrate James Camerons historic dive in a green submersible from the blue skies to the blackness of the Mariana Trench.

More interesting watches at Sotheby’s Auction on May 14, 2014

More interesting watches at Sotheby’s Auction on May 14, 2014

all photos from Sotheby’s website.

Lot 34

16520 R porcelain daytona with original certificate

$47,470 usd approx

Lot 36

116520 2003 Daytona Race winners watch. 

Exeptional Results for Vintage Rolex Watches

Congrats to the buyers at Christies on May 12, 2014. Exceptional Results for Vintage Rolex

The link for the results is here at Christies

Lot 207, The most impressive sale was the Rolex model 5029 cloissone dial unique piece that sold for an amazing $1,249,915.00

Daytona Paul Newman are HOT!

Well, its happened again. Another screw down white PN dial Daytona 6263 reaches incredible prices. Lot 289. 

$231,750.00 at the Antiquorum March 9, 2014 Sale. Congrats to the buyer of this wonderful Watch.

Also lot 290 a Daytona PN black dial 6241 pusher model also sold for $99,750.00


Bulang and Son Leather Straps


A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Europe and while there I finally was able to meet a good internet friend and finally a close friend, Bernhard Bulang. 

Bully as we know him is not only an excellent watch connoisseur but also a high quality provider of leather products and “curated” lifestyle items.


Added new Displays to the collection


Finally was able to add some vintage window displays to the collection. Love them..


Back from the IWJG Miami

Tons of buyers and sellers. Not much vintage. Must be in the hands of collectors..


41 year old 1665 Mark IV DRSD

On the wrist today.


Back to 2004!

Re-using the logo from 2004.. old school.

10th logo

We are 10 years old!

Can’t believe its been 10 years!

Promise to see more articles, more photos, more blog entries and more about your favorite Rolex collectible watches.

In this update, a new article about Details of Rolex Military Submariner markings by Marcello Pisani


Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Holidays!


Well, it finally happened. New auction at Christies and new record prices for Daytona watches.  This past weekend “Lesson One” 50 daytona watches were sold at incredible prices. 

Browse at the results here from Christies website.

lot 88 Rolex Ref. 4113 circa 1942

New Auction and New Prices for Vintage Rolex

Congrats to the buyers and auction house Christies for the new record price of a couple of vintage pieces.. 

(photos from Christie's Website)

Lot 88 is a very rare stainless steel split second chrono.. reference 4113 from 1942 which sold for $1,160,922.00

New models from Baselworld 2013 from Rolex

Some of them look very interesting.. 

The new Daytona in platinum looks interesting.. would like to see it in person..

My future wish list.. Daytona in steel with date and/or moonface.

Click here to see their new lineup


More update.. additions..

Several watches added to the For Sale page including a killer 1665 mark II DRSD with military history. A Pam 000 Base logo and a 116523 Two tone Daytona.. 


Back from The IWJG show..

I have never seen the place so busy.. Many buyers and sellers. Great to meet new friends and to meet old friends. 

Glad to see so much excitement from most dealers.  

Several of top caliber dealers, most of the nice stuff was on the wrist of dealers and collectors. …


Single Red 1665 Sold at Auction

Congrats to the buyer of the single Red Sea Dweller prototype 1665 sold at auction for 490,900 CHF including premium.

Photo above courtesy of AK (not the one sold at AQ)

Here is info about those early dials.

Facebook link to Antiquorum Sale


A few more minor updates..

Updates to the FOR SALE page, photo album  and front page. Added a new article about an interesting 5513


Site Updated!


I added several new pages and changed the format. I invite you to
check them out.

First, a new "For Sale" page was added.

Also new articles added

1. The winning Daytona Watch
2. Six months with a Submariner
3. 5513 with Great History


Pair of 5513 Military Submariners..

Hello From the Netherlands.


Added Several Watches to the Photo Page

Several watches were addd to the Photo Album which included a Red Sub, Double Red and OH exp II from my friend J. Field.  

Also added several Celebrity photos.


Customizing my personal Daytona

One of favorite watches is the vintage 6263 with the white dial. 

I also like the more modern look of the current daytona 116520 but the white racing dial of the gold watch is the coolest looking one in my opinion. 


Site is Live!

Finally put the final touches on the site and its live!

Still have a long list of todos before fully working the way I would like but its at least its up and ready for traffic.



A Normal Day with a Rolex Sub.

Morning coffee out in the backyard.. Decideding what do for the rest of the day..

Got groceries, and pickup lunch for home.

From Homeless Depot, need to install a hose keeper.. Pull out the drill and have fun with concrete and power tool.

Record dive by James Cameron

Congrats to James Cameron for attaining a significant record with a Deepsea Challenge.

Super SeaDweller on Steroids..

Deepsea Challenge

Futuristic and forward thinking.. I love it and want one..


Bikeweek 2012

Great to people watch at bike week in Daytona


Back From IWJG show

Back from the IWJG show in Florida.. Saw a bunch of friends. Met some new ones..


Passing of the Sherriff

Saddened to hear about the passing of The Sheriff Henri Delauze, the Founder of COMEX


First Post

Welcome to the new updated site.. Had to switch software… as expected, took too much time and motivation..

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